Now, what do we amor about anime? Is it the characters? Or maybe its the animation. But, then there are the things in animê we DON’T like. Whether it makes no sense, or just bothers and annoys us, we just wish it never existed in anime. So, I want to tell you all my most hated animê cliches. Now, before I start, remember that this is my opinion, so sorry if I hate a cliche you like. Now, with that said, lets start the list.

#10: Angles - Now, I really don’t hate this cliche much. The angle cliche has been done right before, like with angel Beats, for example. But, most animê today can’t seem to do the angel cliche right. Most animê today show that anjos are a bunch of dumb girls, or are just slaves who try to please their masters. The biggest offender of this cliche is Heaven’s lost Property, which has the most perverted idea ever. A bunch of anjos fall in amor with this one guy (That’s another cliche I can’t stand. amor triangles), and they all try to please him in some way. How could the angle idea fade into being so bad

#9: High School - Now, this is another cliche that I don’t hate very much. The only problem is that people use high school as a fonte in animê WAY TOO much. I mean, hell, most of my topo, início 50 animê ever are in high school. Highschool of the Dead, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Corpse Party, Lucky Star, Another, Persona 4, Bleach, Baka and Test, even Azumanga Daioh, my favorito animê of all time, is a high school anime. Now, I don’t hate them, but, COME ON, JAPAN! You got mais to work with than high schools

#8: Transformation Sequences - Now, I know these are important. They show a character turning into a powerful hero, and gives the viewer an idea of what their power will bring them… However, it’s only important the first time. As important as it was the first time, animê creators think that they need to show it every time. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they make them last as long as possible. Dragon Ball Z does this, whenever someone goes super Sayian. But, easily the biggest offender of this cliche is Sailor Moon. They have a long transformation sequence that lasts forty five segundos (Yes, I timed it), and yet, they have to show it EVERY EPISODE! Why would I want to waste 45 segundos of my life just to watch the same thing I’ve seen a billion times before. animê writers, stop making long transformations sequences. It was fine the first time, but now it’s just getting annoying

#7: Light Skinned Characters - Now, it seems that animê always has a tendency for having only white characters in their anime. Now, when the animê takes place in Japan, I can see why. But, there is animê that takes place in America, so why are there only white characters there. Now, there are other races, but… lets face it, NO ONE wants to see the other race in anime. It is just fucking offensive how they are in anime.

#6: Bath Scenes - Why do these exist? Just why? Bath scenes are scenes in animê that are used to show a female character naked. And that’s it. It doesn’t mover the plot along. It doesn’t help with the story. It is just their for fã service reasons. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there is not a single animê out there that is seguro from this cliche. Every animê I have watched has one of these at one point or another. Even Pokemon. FUCKING POKEMON! And let me remind you that it is showing Misty, a twelve ano old girl, naked in a bath… And yet this was okay in America

#5: Girls with High Pitched Voices - Now, whenever I am watching a sub, I ALWAYS need to be careful of this cliche. In almost any anime, there is always the one female character who has an insanely loud and annoying voice. Now, normally, this cliche wouldn’t bother me if it was used on a girl who was like five, but the thing is, this sort of voice is used on high school students, and even grown women at times. Hell, it’s even used on boys when the atuação judges stop giving a shit. I swear, if it wasn’t for this cliche, I wouldn’t have to turn down the volume so much to avoid going deaf

#4: Harem - Now, trust me, Harem CAN be good if it can tell a good story, or have plenty of things to amor about it. Some Harem are actually good. Hell, some are even genius. However, there are then the ones that focus too much on breasts and panty shots then telling a story. It seems that the Harem genre is all about big breasted girls these days. And don’t lie, it is. The writers are giving less of a damn about the story they are trying to tell and giving mais of a damn trying to make the breasts as big as a de praia, praia balls while making them jiggle mais than jello in an earthquake, and they also want to make the shorts so mini, that it makes mini skirts less mini. In other words, why would I ever watch this

#3: Standing For Too Long - This always happens. No matter what animê I watch, this ALWAYS happens. In every shounen anime, there is always a fight scene. Yet, right in the middle of the fight, the main character just stops the fight to do some aleatório bullshit, while the villain just stands there and waits for him to finish what he is doing before the fight starts again. Either he’s being a fair sport, or it’s just a really fucking stupid idea on the writers part… and it is mais likely the latter

#2: Censorship - There is no one - I repeat, NO ONE - In the animê community that likes censorship. In American, when animê is sent there, they must be looked over before they are seen as “Family friendly” Uhm, here’s the thing. animê isn’t family friendly. It isn’t meant for younger audiences. I thought that would be obvious. But, the company that did this the most was 4Kids. They would censor out guns, partial nudity, blood, WORDS ON A BOARD!? Yes, they were so heavy with censorship, they even censored out words. Oh, and to show their (Ahem) “Appreciation” for getting these anime, they censored out EVERYTHING to do with Japan, leaving not a single trace left in the censored versions. They were so bad with the censorship, they ruined Sonic X and almost ruined One Piece. Thank god they are gone. Lets just hope Toonami knows what their doing. They know we don’t want censorship

#1: Tsunderes - I hate these characters. I really do. I don’t know why anyone could ever like characters like them. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar of a Tsunderes, it is a female character who expresses anger and sometimes hatred to a character, verbally or, most of the time, physically beating them until, later in the series, they grow to amor them. I hate these characters because they are always beating up characters for doing nothing wrong. I’m sorry, but, if this is your way to entertain yourself, to see some guy get beaten up por a psychotic girl, then you are probably sadistic (Note: No you are not. Wind is just overreacting). But, the worst part of this character is that, after all the abuse they put on a character, they still get their way in the end. Not only do they not get punished for these actions, but they get rewarded for it. And, easily, the biggest offender of this, is, (And its so obvious, it hurts) Louise from The Familiar of Zero. You literally see her whip him with a whip TWICE in the opening alone. And she does it just as bad in the actually anime. And after she does that, in the end, she gets what she wants. I hate characters like this. They are impolite, horribly unlikeable, cruel, and yet, they get no punishment for it, and are just given exactly what they want

So, there you have it. Do you enjoy the list? Tell me what you think below. With that, I will see you all seguinte time