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I want to start Higurashi:When they cry, I hear both the animê and mangá are good, but follow the same story, so which one should I start with?

So yea, a pergunta for those of you who have seen and read Higurashi. Which one do you suggest I look into first? Since they follow the same story I really only want to see either the animê or manga. People's opinions seem to really vary on which is better, what do you guys suggest? Blood,Dead bodies, etc. don't bother me.
 panisepic posted over a year ago
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egyptprincess7 said:
The animê so you have mostly the basic idea and then read the manga. There is some stuff in the mangá that isn't in the animê and fyi there is mais then just one mangá for Higurashi. So,watch all 3 seasons of the animê first and read all the mangá and you will be fine. You can also start with the manga(s) though.
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posted over a year ago 
alright, this is gonna take longer than I thought to get through, oh if its good it'll be worth it! ^^"
panisepic posted over a year ago
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