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Looking for a new animê series to watch

So far I've liked rosario + vampire, moon phase, vampire knights, full metal alchemist, angel beats and mais but I would rather not list them all. Thanx to anyone who helps
 Drayoth posted over a year ago
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weirdalfan2788 said:
Girls Bravo
Squid Girl
Black Butler
angel Beats
Burst Angel
Guyver: The Bio-Boosted Armor
Ouran High School Host Club
Black Blood Brothers
Baka and Test
Eden of the East
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Blood Plus
Hell Girl
Descendants of Darkness
Ah! My Goddess
D. Gray-Man
Kaze no Stigma
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posted over a year ago 
Where can I find negima I haven't seen that in a long time
Drayoth posted over a year ago
Try Netflix or OtakuStreamer
weirdalfan2788 posted over a year ago
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