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How do you pronounce Kon's name?

Me and my sister got in a little fight last night over it. She said you pronounce it like 'Cone' because the Dub of Bleach says that.
But I said dubs do pronounce names wrong sometimes. I said you pronounce the 'K' and then say 'On'.

So how do you really say it?
 How do you pronounce Kon's name?
 pumpkinqueen posted over a year ago
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blackpanther666 said:
You kind of just answered your own pergunta there... In the dub, it is pronounced as 'cone', but in the subbed, it is pronounced 'Kou-na', or 'K-on' - at least, that is how I figured I would translate it. You see, it depends on how the series has been voiced and such. I think, technically, it would be the Japanese version, as opposed to the dub, because the name is supposed to be a Japanese one.
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posted over a year ago 
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