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posted by RobinFan360
My name is Ace.
I used to be your dog.
I just wanted to tell you how I felt over all those years.
You were my best friend. You always let me sleep with you, and we would go for walks everyday. I always loved it when you got me a new toy, and treats would come daily. When I chewed up your shiny thingy that played music, you just chuckled and gently-but firmly-told me not to do it again. You would always say,"Well he IS a puppy." and everything would be all right.
I would always know when I shouldn't do something again because when I got in trouble you would lightly hit me on the head. That's all it took to know when I was in trouble and I would cry a little because I knew I did something wrong and had hurt you. Then you would pick me up and say "It's all better now Ace. That's my boy."
I would give a soft growl back because that's my way of talking. You would always know what I meant.
We used to go driving all the time. I just loved the wind in my face and one or two of my toys in the backseat. We would go for walks too! and because I was a cute cachorro, filhote de cachorro everyone would stop and ask to pet me and of course you let them. Oh how I loved their soft hands! Especially when they scratched my lower back! You would do that too. You used to take me to the toy store, and while I was looking for a toy to bring back you would pull out your wallet and show everyone the picture of me when I was first born. You would tell the story of how you delivered me yourself to strangers, and re-tell it everywhere you went. Everyone knew me and pet me and even gave me a secret snack now and then. But nothing made me mais happy than coming início and snuggling with you. We would always watch Animal Planet together and eat my treats and new toy I got that day. Then you would laugh at me trying to rip up the pillows and say,"That's my boy."
...That's my boy. A saying that soon, you would say no more.
One day, you left me alone in the house. I was pretty lonely but I was excited for when you would come início again. And when you did get home, I was surprised to see a really pretty lady with you. But I didn't like her much because she reeked of perfume, and frowned at me when she walked in.
"James!" she exclaimed,"You never told me you had such a...lovely dog."
She said that, but I could sense her dislike for me.
"Oh him?" you replied,"Uh, he's just my old mutt."
As you led her away to the cozinha you looked at me apologetically and walked away. I understood. I know you didn't really mean it. After awhile I smelled something; STEAK! Oh my favorite! As I started to reach for the comida like I usually did, the woman yelled at me, and hit me on the nose. I was so surprised, and started whining for you. But you apologized and led me away. And whats worse, you even forgot to give me any dinner.
Later on you watched a movie and I wasn't allowed to cuddle with you. Then you took her to your room and locked me out. I waited for you all night to come sleep with me but you didn't come out. I couldn't sleep at all without you. I always tried my best to make Skyla (that's her name) like me because she was who you picked to be your mate. Who was I to judge that? I stayed out of the way, and didn't do anything wrong, but one dia Skyla ran into me in the hallway. I was just laying in my cama because that's where I sleep now. Skyla suddenly just knocks over a vase, and started yelling at me. ME! and what's worse, when you came running, you believed that I did it! You know that I would never break one of your possessions.. You kicked me a lot and told me "Bad dog!"
Then you dragged me into my crate, ignoring my cuts from the glass and slammed the door. Skyla watched and smirked. I didn't try to do anything because I desperately wanted you not to hate me. But then I heard you guys talking.
"You really need to get rid of that dog James! What will happen if he gets near..the baby?" Skyla cried.
"I know I know," you replied, "soon,ill go and-"
After that I couldn't hear the rest of what you said.
Go and...what?
For a long time I was on my best behavior. I stayed out of the way, didn't beg for food, and didn't squeak my toys.(Skyla thought they were too loud) I even got used to being outside all the time.
But the thing is,after you and your mate got married, Skyla got really fat. she got fatter and fatter until the fat disappeared and went right into her arms. A screaming, crying bundle of fat. That's right. You two had a baby. He was really cute and looked just like you. I liked him a lot. He was the only one that really liked me. I would sit seguinte to his cama and watch him squirm all the time. But sometimes, he would cry and it would really hurt my ears, so I would growl at him softly, to tell him, and the little human would calm down and laugh.
But one time, Skyla walked in and saw me growling. I was only saying that I liked him. But Skyla didn't know that. She hit me so hard that I flew across the floor. The seguinte thing I knew I was being picked up and I heard Skyla screaming at me and you. Then you put me in my cage. I was there for a long, long time. Days of doing nothing. I was so lonely and restless. But one day, you finally came and took me out. You carried me to..The car! Oh how happy I was! I haven't been in the car since Skyla came! It was just you,me,and the wind in my face. Just like the good old days! No Skyla, no baby, just you! But my joy was short lived. Soon, we passed por the toy shop. And the treat shop. We even passed por the vets office. Then we arrived at a place I'd never seen before. As soon as we walked in my coração filled with dread. I heard and old dog crying in pain, a cat begging for its life, and animais asking to be held one last time. I was scared, but I stayed close to you. You would protect me, right?
You gave me to a woman, spoke a few words, signed some papers, and as she started to lead me away, you said,"Hey, you got any cute pups?"
She frowned and said,
"Sorry sir, I'm busy right now. I have to go..Put down your dog after all."
You looked at her in slight shock.
"You mean kill it?"
"Yes," she sighed,"we don't have any mais room here so we just have to kill it. No one would come to adopt him anyway....Do you want him back?"
There was a pause from you. I looked at you longingly. Why? Why is this happening? Tell her to let me go! Tell me you amor me and that you want me back! Say it!
But all you said was,"Nah, that's ok. Take good care of the old guy."
Then you walked away...That was it.
I ran to the window crying. I cried and cried until you heard me. You looked at me from your car window and said,"Good boy." then drove away...The woman shook her head, saying, "People these days."
As I looked out the window, waiting for you to come back, the lady came over and pet me. It was the first good pet I've had in a long time. She sighed saying how she wished she could take me herself and save me.
As I lay in my cage that night, (she let me stay for a week to see if someone would adopt me.) I wondered about my life. What did I do wrong? I tried my best to make you happy and Skyla too. Was I too old? Was I not wanted because I wasn't a puppy?
As the days went por no came for me. People said it was because of my scars and how I was old. It didn't matter. I wouldn't go with anyone if it wasn't you. I didn't eat or drink. Whats the use? I didn't want any other owner. I wanted you.
A week came and passed. People carried me out of the cage I was in, and put me in a cool room that stank of death. They put a shot in my arm and all the sudden my body felt numb. The woman was there, crying. She pet me softly. I wagged my tail a little and looked up at her. She cried even mais saying, "Poor boy. Poor dog. I'm sorry I'm so sorry."
Why are you sorry? I'm happy. for the first time in a long time, I feel at peace.
As I slowly closed my eyes to go to sleep, I thought of all the good times I had. I don't know why I thought about my life but I did. Then all the sudden it was gone. I was no longer on that cold metal table. I wasn't limp anymore, I felt free. My owner I just wanted to say, after all that, I never hated you. I always tried to make you happy. And now, I'm happy. You don't have to worry about me. So Goodbye.
My sweet, sweet master.
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posted by vampire2256
I luv animais they r so cute. And everybody should. Some stupid jerks don't like animais and they torcher animals. Those kinds of people r jerks never be friends w/ those people. they r the stupidest people on the earth. I just want people to know that be nice to animais and just luv them never kick them or hit them only on the nose or the butt if they do something bad. Well luv ya who loves animals. Just make sure if u see anyone like hurting an animal stop them or call the police or even the animal control service. luv ya.
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