america's next top model I Would

DOITFGT posted on May 29, 2009 at 03:36AM
i would for once like to c an oversized person win. honestly its all skinny ppl who win and they people need to learn THERE ARE FAT PPL OUT THERE GET OVER IT OF GTFO!

that's wut i think.
bye. oh and thankx for deleting my last comment. =) most of that was my oversized friend. srsly.
Have a gooooood day

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over a year ago SpanksU said…
Ummmmmm they've had a plus size model win - remember Whitney from Cycle 10?
over a year ago DOITFGT said…
No i dont watch it..haha
but ohh 1 fat person wow thats amazing GET A FAT PERSONS MODEL SHOW OR GTFO! honestly im tired of ppl and there "skinny is the only way" im skiinny to but honeslty fat people are people to.!
over a year ago greenchoco101 said…
I'm actually a bit of excited for next cycle cause they are giving opportunities to short people on the modelling industry.

But reality check, i don't think they would really get hired, but i'm really up for the idea. :)
over a year ago DOITFGT said…
short people eh? wow thats a great idea. they better get hired i mean like honestly who are these agencies! saying oh your to short get out or your 2pounds over wait GTFO like really? there not good looking or skiinny or anyhing either they should stop being hyprectircal. im going to make my own modeling agencie FOR ANYONE! but yes very excited to see this skiinyy one! keep me updated!
over a year ago greenchoco101 said…
You can visit the official website at link if you wanna get updated.
Furthermore, also try some popular ANTM fansites.
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