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Uma História de Horror Americana
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 Damn Plucky. Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) conspires to take control of her fate in "The Name Game."
Damn Plucky. Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) conspires to take control of her fate in "The Name Game."
Episode 10 | Aired Jan 2, 2013

Death and regime change come to The Asylum, as the powerful take a tumble and the misfits take charge. And dance!
By Jeff Jensen at

When we last saw Monsignor Timothy before the holiday break (Happy New Year, por the way), the man who would be pope had been nailed to a chapel cruz like Christ himself por a Bad Santa and appeared doomed for a smooch from soul-sucking Shachath. But last night's episode of American Horror Story revealed that the black winged femme fatale had not dropped por for a dark night of the soul booty call. The angelic buzzard had a message...
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Episode 02 | Aired Oct 24, 2012

Sister Jude engages in spiritual warfare with a shrink, a possessed child and her own demons in 'Tricks and Treats'
By Jeff Jensen at EW

Twilight in The Asylum, and a devil is on the loose.

Bloody Face, an iconic serial killer, stands at one end of a corridor within the mischief-wrecked deathtrap that is Briarcliff Manor Sanatorium. The bogeyman cuts a terrifying figure -- trenchcoat, work gloves, a mask made of stitched human flesh. (What big green wolfish eyes you have, peeping through those holes!) He/She/It grips an orbitoclast, the ice pick lobotomy tool, invented...
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Spoilers if you havent watched Dia das bruxas Parts One and Two!

Tonight was the wrap-up to American Horror Story’s two-part Dia das bruxas installment, and viewers learned mais about the dark past of Tate (Evan Peters). It appears that the school shooting fantasies plaguing Tate were not a dream but a reality, and his victims came calling for a little payback (or at least recognition of the heinous thing he had done). Plus, Constance (Jessica Lange) admitted to tolet, violet that Tate was one of her children! EW talked to co-creator Ryan Murphy about tonight’s episode, and what’s in store for seguinte week’s...
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