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there is a new American girl who is coming out she is the girl of the ano 2014 this is some true real information on her she is a ballerina she goes to a special school and is always comparing her self to her older sister who is also a ballerina and that is all I know I do not know her name but I know she's real she has red hair green eyes and she is very pretty...
and im sorry but for now that's all I goodbye and comment if you know any mais info on her I would like to know and also tell me your favorito American girl and what girl of the year(s)you have so.... I guess that's all I have to say today and I'm also new at this website just information you might want to know and yes I know this isn't the best news denunciar but I guess it will have to do any way I actauley mean bye this time ok BYE!!:)
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Mine (example):
Name: Hadley Robinson
Age: 10
Story: A hurricane hit Hadley's house. Most of her favorito things are gone. She has to work for a living. Its not easy because her father's work place is gone. She doesn't starve because she still has a little bit of money. But Hadley's wonderful cantar voice saved her whole family and others.
Family: John Robinson (Dad), Katherine Robinson (Mom), August Robinson (sister).
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please comment down below your GOTY :)
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