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 Ooooo What are we going to seee???? O_O
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(June 3, 2011)
(this is right after I woke up for the first time after the crash)

The first thing I heard was a soft, gentle beeping. I kept my eyes closed and just listened to it for what seemed like hours.
From the scents I was receiving, I could tell where I was; disinfectant, disease, hand soap. I could only be in a hospital.
When I opened my eyes, I was quite startled to see a lobo staring at me. The lobo had light brown eyes and reddish pele, peles and I recognized her immediately. Scar, from Alpha and Omega.
I smiled at her.

"Colby!" she squealed.
"How do you know my name?" I asked, raising my eyebrow....
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Time flies por and the festival of metal draws ever closer and even the old retired lobos are looking to make a good impression on the howling stage.

Eve: Winston Honey, its been days since we have practised our cantar or even our howling, come on in and practise with me darling.

Winston sat outside enjoying the rays of sunshine raining down upon him until he heard the fiery voice of his death angel beckoning from their log mansion.

Eve: Winston!!

Winston: God damn it woman, can't you see that i am trying to rest out here, this back doesn't straighten itself out you know.


A scared...
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chapter 1

A grey lobo walked through the halls of the white house. He stepped into a room with a beautiful, young, goldish-tan lobo known as Kate, texting on her phone.

"Hey sweety" The grey lobo greeted.

"Hey dad" Kate greeted.

"How are you holding up?"

"I'm bored, when can we go home?" Kate asked.


They heard heavy footsteps walking towards the door. Two lobos in black suits walked in.

"Winston, we need to talk".

"Okay, bye Kate. I'll see you in a little while" Winston said."Okay bye dad" Kate said.

Winston walked with the two lobos down the hall, and through a door. In the small room, where...
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At this point the heavy metal festival was only 2 days away and it wasn't only Humphrey and Kate that were feeling the need to practise.

Lily: Garth, I know it was only last mês that we got married and i taght you how to howl, but i need to see if you can rock sing. Listen.

Lily started to sing the song they were going to sing at the festival, The interstate amor song, since this represented the amor she and Garth had for each other, they were from different packs/ lobo states.

Waitin on a sunday afternoon
for what i read between the lines
your mine

Feeling like...
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