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 Humphrey with Bowie faca O_O
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arte dos fãs
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The day's classes have finally come to a conclusion after a eventful dia in drawing, now it is time for the fun to begin!

After my drawing professor John dismissed us from the two and a half hora drawing class, I hastily packed away the still life I was working on in my drawer, along with the giant pasta, carteira, portfólio size paper it is being drawn on. I then returned to the room, and grabbed my binder that heald my sketchbook and drawing supplies, then knelt down to bid goodbye to Sarge whom was John's big German Shepherd that he brought to his lessons each day. Sarge was an older dog; 8 years, but he...
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WARNING: This chapter contains strong sexual content, be warned!

After having introduced Katie to my dad, and two dogs, Buddy and Stormy. I retired to my bedroom and lay down on my big, cozy bed. I fell into a light nap for about an hora or so when I felt something jump onto the bed. It was Kate, she looked sexy as ever and I could see the seductive expression in her brown eyes. She got on topo, início of me, opened her legs and plopped down so our crotches were rubbing.
"I am so horny right now Jon you better do something!" Kate said dirtily.
"As much as I would like to Kate I just want to take a nap...
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