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 Humhrey Can't Hold It
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another old video i reuploaded
A Lady e o Lobo
A Norm of the North clip.
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Hi guys, There is my new series “Runt's story”, View my first story before if you don't know what's happen. It's the seguinte of “Young Love” por Kitsune32, is located after the story and before the weeding of the pups. It's about the life with Magril and Runt and the other pups. It look like an small story. The story is written in a POV style just for your pleasure

The sun is not already woke up yet when Aunt Garth come to take Stinky and Claudette for their stage. My parents and my siblings were already woke up, “So be carrefull you two, don't do silly things alright” asked my mother...
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Episode 14

*Osaka, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Brushing his tail*

Princess: *Watching* I amor the way you brush your tail, Wolfe.

Nick Wolfe: *Blushes a bit* Thanks.

Princess: *Hears the doorbell ring* Huh?

Nick Wolfe: I’ll get it. *Opens the door*

Mysterious Wolf: *Is male, has brown pele, peles like Princesses, light blue eyes* You! *Jumps at Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Dodges* Henshin! *Presses the red button on the Jinba Brace and becomes Samurai fogo Wolfe*

Mysterious Wolf: *Jumps again*

Samurai fogo Wolfe: *Blocks the Mysterious lobo with the Clear Shield* Just who are you?!

Mysterious Wolf: *Bares fangs* My name...
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so we all know Anthony Bell's one of the 2 directors of "Alpha and Omega", which is without a doubt his best movie. we also know that Anthony's working on "Norm of the North", which comes out this January and it's a movie that i'm not really excited or looking progressivo, para a frente to (but i'm still gonna watch it). but, what we didn't know is that he's actually working on yet another CGI animated movie that also comes out theatrically seguinte year, called "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus". in this movie, sino tells us the story of Saint Nick, ya know how he grew up and became Santa Claus. and from what i heard, it's also gonna have the A&O CGI animation style. Anthony Bell's working on both "Norm of the North" and "Santa Claus" at the same time, as director and writer (he basically wrote the story of "Norm of the North" and now he's probably co-writing the script of "Santa Claus"). damn Anthony, u look like one really busy guy lol. working on 2 filmes at the same time.
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(the story isn't really done yet but i wanna show you the first chapter that im barely finishing up so heres the first preview, if you have any perguntas or so on please dont be afraid i need to learn from my mistakes, thank you for coming here)
Isolation Chapter 1:Once.. i remembered
Radio OX-12 replayed the recorded files during our landing from the edge of the cliff buried in deep snow. Blood was right over us, our crew members either stabbed or thrown from the force of the ship were ripped in pieces, especially since one jammed the engines fans. Everything was covered;...
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título says it all..
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