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posted by shadow-omega
It was a damp morning from the rain last night. Kate and Kyle had got up early and decided to go hunting for some breakfast. They were searching when they came across a very big caribou. Probably the biggest they've ever seen. They stared at it but then ducked into the bushes.

"Okay I'll jump first for his neck if I get a hold of him, jump and try to knock him down." Kate explained.

"Okay I got it." Kyle replied ready to pounce.

Kate was ready to make her mover she waited for the perfect time to get the right attack. Finally, she pounced at the caribou and she was able to grab the neck of the caribou. Unfortunately, this caribou was very strong so it was hard to bring down. Kate was swung around holding onto the caribou's neck until Kyle jumped at the caribou knocking the caribou to the ground. Once it hit the ground, Kyle jumped at its neck with Kate still holding on and began biting as hard as he could to kill it. The caribou continued to struggle until it stopped, just laying in the ground now. Kate and Kyle's mouth was soaked with blood and the ground was stained with blood too.

"Damn, that was one tough caribou." Kate said with a bloody smile.

Kyle laugh as Kate made her smile since she had blood on her mouth. "Yes it was. I've never taken down a caribou that big before but with us as a team we can take down anything." Kyle replied.

Kate giggled at what he said. "Yes I believe we can." Kate said.

They then began to eat the caribou eating as much as they can before continuing on their journey to find Lilly and Humphrey. They began to finish when they started to hear something in the distance.

"What's that sound?" Kyle asked.

Kate immediately knew what it was. "Oh fuck, it's the train!" Kate said before taking off running.

Kyle took off running after her shortly before he caught up to her. They both saw an open train car and made a dash for it. They jumped for the train car and landed in a pile of hay. As they hit the train car they landed upside down also landing seguinte to each other. Kyle rolled to his right and suddenly he was on topo, início of Kate. They stared into each other's eyes for awhile before Kyle spoke.

"Um, Kate do you think we could... you know have some 'fun'?" Kyle asked.

"What kind of fun?" Kate asked with a seducing voice.

"Not mating but like other things." Kyle replied.

Kate looked at him with a big smile. "Sure, I've wanted to try this. Plus it will help pass the time." Kate replied

Before Kyle could do anything, Kate rolled over so that she was on topo, início of Kyle. She then pulled him into a passionate kiss. Their tongues were mashing together, never stopping. About 5 minutos later, they broke away from lack of oxygen.

"Are you ready for the real thing?" Kyle asked.

Kate gave him a kiss before talking. "Of course I am, why wouldn't I be." she said in a seducing voice.

Kyle then rolled so that he was on topo, início now. He started to lick Kate's neck then started to make his way down her chest, passing her waist area. Kate moaned as he got lower down to her inner thigh. He got a view of her womanhood and looked up at Kate with a smile. He then went back and gave her a test lick, finding that she taste sweet like. Kate's sensation when through the roof as her eyes shot open. Kyle began licking her in a fluid motion with his tongue. Kate began to moan louder and louder with every lick.

"Oh Kyle... please... don't stop!" Kate yelled in pleasure.

Kyle continued to lick until she hit her climax. Every lick made Kate scream in pleasure, calling out Kyle's name. After a few minutes, Kate began to pant harder and harder as she was getting closer to her climax. Kyle noticed this and began to lick her as fast as he could. A few segundos later, Kate hit her climax and got her juices on Kyle's face. Kyle started to lick the juices off his face.

"Kate... you taste so sweet." Kyle said getting the rest of her juices off his face.

"Thank... you. Now it's... my turn." Kate said in-between breathes.

Kate got up and pushed Kyle to the ground. She got on topo, início of him and started por doing what Kyle did to her. She got down to his inner thigh and spotted his sheath right in front of her. She took a lick and to find that he tastes salty. She began to start licking his sheath until she noticed his wolfhood coming out. She then switched to grabbing his wolfhood with her tongue and began to put it in her mouth. Kyle moaned at how good it felt to have Kate doing this to him. Kate started bobbing her head up and down on Kyle's wolfhood. Kyle felt so much pleasure that he put his hands on her head and kept then there signaling her not to stop.

"Oh yes... Kate, suck me dry." Kyle said

Kate never stopped, she kept her rhythm the whole time never letting up. Kate then noticed that Kyle started to moan louder letting her know that he was getting closer to his climax.

After about 3 minutes. "Kate, I'm going to..." Kyle couldn't finish his sentence in time. He then exploded inside Kate's mouth making her gag a little since some of it went down her throat. She wanted to try to show Kyle that she respected him for doing this so she swallowed the rest of it.

"Kyle you taste... salty." Kate said with a smile.

"Well I have to taste good for such a beautiful girl." Kyle replied happily.

After they did this they stayed on the train for about 30 minutos until something happened. Kate smelled the air and could tell it was Lilly and Humphrey's scent.

"Kyle I found their scent!" Kate said getting ready to jump.

Kate jumped out of the car followed por Kyle. It was about to turn dark when she got the scent. They began to run dodging trees, rocks, and fallen logs. They then came across a spot with the ground stained in blood. They continued to follow the scent when they got to a antro, den where the scent was the strongest. They then couldn't find any other scent that was connected to them. The scent had just lent them to a antro, den with their scent.

"Damn it, I thought we had them." Kate said with an annoyed expression.

"Don't worry Kate. We will find them. For now I think we should stay here it's getting late." Kyle said trying to comfort her.

"Okay we'll stay here for the night." Kate replied

They walked into the antro, den and laid on the ground very close to each other.

"Goodnight Kate, I amor you." Kyle said happily

"Goodnight Kyle, I amor you too." Kate said beijar him on the lips.

They fell asleep very fast after they had did on the train. Kyle thought he would fall asleep easily but he began to think of something that he had finally answered from last night...

(Looks like I'm going back the way I came from home. I wonder if I'll run into my brother on this journey.) Kyle thought to himself...
descrição in youtube description. I am lazy, lol. Also... as you can see, I act real strange when filming myself... normally I am not like that, nor talk like this. Anyways, this is the long waited video! :)
posted by Rockowolf123
Wares is a good guy
But he takes things too far
Freedom of speech aloud you to say anything
Hate or not
The person receiving hate will deal with it OK
H8ers gonna h8 m8
We have to be mature and end this
Because it is pointless
Please just ignore haters
And they will leave

I just want to get back to my fanfictions

I'm not the best but its fun to right
Please just end it

Its pointless
And stupid
Don't blame wwwarea
If any thing blame me
For not believing

Rocko Wolf
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Both Felin and Claudette stayed there, their gazes locked, smiling at each other. "I do amor you." Felin said.

The lead intruder stepped forward. "Get out of our way, pups. We are on our way to talk to Harin." the lobo said.

"Fine. It's that way to camp." Said Felin.

"C'mon, let's go take a walk!" Said Claudette.

Felon and Claudette had been walking around in the forest for about an hour, until Claudette finally sat down. "Let's rest here, in this leaf patch." Claudette offered.

After about ten minutos of talking, talking about how they wished they could get married, Claudette perked her ears....
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