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Hi my sweet garlics ^^ here the Chap 2 of Jasper’s story ! Let’s go and follow the adventure of Lea and her family around Jasper. Lea, future Alpha with her sister Lucille are really energetic. Magril try to keep an eye of them, Runt try to be a good father. Claudette and Fleet with Luna and Stinky, Artemis with Hayden and Eva… Two pups energetic, one girl shy and one future leader-head with an Omega. A lot of lobo huh ?? Ok I left you guys ^^

Lea’s POV :

Today with Lucille and Luna, we decided to visit Eva and Hayden. I woke up also earlier, I don’t know why… maybe because I’m an alpha. We went to the stream for swim before our parents woke up, after the night when I killed Tank with Luke, my parents wouldn’t that I can go outside without their permission. “Hey, we will be come back” I asked to Lucille and Luna, the sun was already get up. We go outside the stream and ran to the den. Luckily they were not woken up when we were back, Lucille and Luna played together, I lick the face of my mother. She opens her eyes and takes me on her pawns but I realized that I didn’t have the time for dry me. “Lea why you are wet” she asked, I blushed and I look her, she began to be suspicious. “Well… I went just on the front of the antro, den and… the three wet me with their leaf…” I said, she looks me and smiles to me.

My father woke up and the other the other began to open their eyes. My father licked my back and went outside to say hello to Luna and Lucille. My father deduced that they were wet too… I look Lucille very worried, she began to understand and come back in the antro, den silently. My mother immediately heard her, “Lucille… why you do that” asked my mother still look me a bit angry. “Well nothing…” she replied. “Let me smell you girl” said my father. At this moment, I understand that Lucille and I were in big trouble. He smell us even Luna nad her parents began to look a bit angry, “Well you didn’t went to the stream girls” asked my father. They look Luna and Lucille, they smile both and my parents look at me. “So Lea ??” added my father, I breathe and they know immediately what we had done. “Alright… it’s not the necessary to tell me” I smile toward them but my mother growl a little. “You went to the stream for swim… Lea it’s the third time this week” I saw my parents exhausted of my little runs away. “Yeah but it’s not dangerous, we were just in the beginning of the stream not near the waterfall” I explained to them. They look me, Luna and Lucille, ho dear it will be my fault I said to me. “Alright… we don’t punish you but the seguinte time…” said Claudette, my mother nodded with her head. “Ok” we said at the unison. We ate our breakfast and began to go at the Hayden and Eva’s den.

On the path, I explained to Lucille our plan to go in the Hunting field. “well when they began to discuss after the lunch, we will escaped really fast for they don’t catch us” she look at me a bit worried, “Lea don’t you thinks that we are very naughty” she giggles, “Why” I laugh. Ho yeah we were naughty but there are no reason to be worried about two pup who played and hunt. When we arrived at the antro, den we ran toward our grandparents, they nuzzled us and we said hello to our cousin. They were just on mês of difference but it’s as if they had the same age of us. Even if Luna was a bit shy and very quiet than me and Lucille. “Hi guys what’s up” I said to them, “well fine and you…” replied Hayden. “Ho very good” he smells the air and looks me and Lucille. “Ho you, you went to the stream until the interdiction of your parents” he said. With Lucille, we blushed and smiled to them. “Shut up Hayden” I replied very prove of me. “Well for an alpha it’s not the good way…” Eva didn't have the time to finish that Lucille and I jumped to her. We played together until few minutes, “Alright Alpha !” said Grandma Kate. Immediately we were in ranks, “Yes” we said at the unison. She laugh at us and we stay in our position, I like when she takes his leader-head voice. “Well good, you are very ready for your first dia at the Alpha school” she replied. We laugh together and went outside for lunch.

After the lunch, they began to discuss. Until Hayden, Eva and Luna played together, I with Lucille went silently toward the forest. When we were in the forest, we turned back for saw if anybody have followed us. “Yeah we are the best Alpha” I said happy “Too easy” replied Lucille, we laugh and began to walk to the hunting field. “I bet that I hunt two Cariboo” I said very reassured, “You think that…” said Lucille, I stopped and look her. “First at the field” she screamed, I ran after her. After five minutes, I win the race “And yes I’m the best. It’s slow that” I said toward Lucille, she growl at me but we stopped por the sound of Cariboo. “Wow there are a lot of Cariboo” she said, we look at each other and hide in the grass. “Ok I take the left you take the right” I said “ok”, we began to moved silently. When we were near off on group of Cariboo we jumped out the grass. Immediately they ran in a direction, “its show time” (yes it’s the same reply that A&O 3).

At an moment, the Cariboo changed of direction, we try to follow them but we slide on a few meter. We fall into an bush, “Rhaa…” I shout, “I think we will asking to Aunt Claudette or grandma Kate to learn to slide…” replied Lucille. We laid on the grama for relaxing, “its hot today” I said being to look the sun soudainly Luke rejoin us, “Hi Luke” giggles my sister. But I had the sentiment that he was not here just played, “Lucille get up, we should to go” I said very worried, we didn’t have the time to get up that we heard my parents behind us.

I’m turn back and I saw my parents very angry “Hey…” I said as it was nothing happened. Lucille began to mover silently, but my father grabs her and lays her near me. “We are in trouble” she breathes on my ear, “well also outside… the stream and now here” said my father firmly. “But dad ! look ! We don’t hurt ! It’s nothing” I try to said but my mother scolded on us “You are very impossible you two, Lea I had warns you this morning !” I look her eyes and I began to drop my eyes “As you loved to play the Alpha confirmed… I think few days with your grandmother in an Alpha stage will be perfect for you” replied my mother. She looks my dad and he nodded with his head. I gasp at that they had said, who is an Alpha stage with our grandmother, I heard that she look like at her mother. “Well… it’s for punish us” I asked, “No why… you loved that to be an Alpha” my mother smiled but I know that will be not an good idea. They grab us and we come back.

The seguinte morning, our parents wokes us very earlier. We get up a bit tired and we saw our grandmother already here, “Alpha woke up very earlier, you know… I believed that we want to be an Alpha” said Kate with an demoniac face. I freeze at what we had done in the field, notes at me : always hear our parents. We follow Kate outside, immediately she began to shout “In ranks and don’t speak girl”, I look my parents and they smiled to me.

Arrived in a field, we put in ranks and Kate began to give us some direction “Alright girls, ten laps of the fields” she shout and we obey. “And faster” she add. After five laps, Lucille falls against me. Immediately Kate ran and grabs us, “Five laps more” she shouts. We run but we were so tired, “Kate I’m exhausted…” I whimped. “I heard that you loved that” she replied. I stop to run and Lucille look at me horrified, “Hey don’t do that” she said. “I don’t care”. Kate ran to me, but I had not scar of her. “Lea !!” she scolded, she look me with an extreme furious. She began to growl, I look her teeth and I began to cry. “Ok I’m sorry, I will never go outside without the permission of dad and mom” I was very terrified about my grandmother. She takes me on her pawns, “You see, be an Alpha is not easy. Your parents were just worries. Me too my mother had do that with me… it was not an pleasure” she said sweetly, Lucille rejoin us and we make an big hug. “Well come back to the den”. Lucille was exhausted so she grabs her and we went back.

When we arrived, I sat down in front of my parents. “Well I’m sorry” I whimped, “Lea looks me…” I look my mother. “I just want to protect you not to punish you… at last with Kate it was an punishment…” I began to cry, my parents lick my back. I went into the antro, den an laid near Lucille being to sleep.

After on hour, we woke up. My parents had bring two Cariboo for us, I ate my Cariboo full even the rest of the Cariboo of Lucille. “Well you had very hungry”, I wing my tails soudainly I burped “Oupss… sorry” I blushed. My father smell our skin, “we’ll let ‘go wash you”, they grab us and we went to the stream. My mother washes me, she licks my head and dresses my tail and we went back.

“Mom can we play with the other and Luna” I asked, she look me. I know she didn’t forget what we had done. “Please…” I said with an big smile. She look my father, “Well okay… but we will be keep por Fleet” she said. Even if Fleet keeps us, I was really happy to play with Hayden and Eva.
Fleet brings us to the antro, den of aunt Stinky, on the path Fleet talk to us. “Well you are very amazing, always outside” he laugh. I look Lucille and we blushed, “well it was good with Grandma Kate” asked Luna. We look her furiously, “hey calm down I’m laughing” she replied. I look my sister and we began to ran after her “You see that we had done with her” I giggles.
Soudainly, I bumped into a brown wolf. “Hey are you mad” he said. Immediately, I look his eyes. He was so beautiful, I fall in amor of him immediately. “Hey are you ok” I shake my head “Yeah… I didn’t see you” I said shily, I began to blush. “What’s your name” he asked. He said that with an amazing tone “Lea” I breathe “cute I’m Matt”. I loved his name, “you go to play with Hayden right, I’m his best friend” I was really happy that he was the best friend of Hayden. We went together to the den, I saw Lucille blinked to me.
“And why your Aunt follow you” Matt asked, I blush mais and more. “Well it’s a long story…. We went outside with my sister…”, “ho and you didn’t had the permission” he said sensual. He was really amazing and I feel that I fall in amor of him.

Alright, I’m forced to stop here. Just thinks she had 14 years old in human age. See you for the next… ^^
Author's note:I just want to make this clear to everyone. In real life I rarely ever drink red wine except on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes New Years Eve. Even then it is in very limited quantaties. (shot glasses or small wine glasses) I dont want everyone thinking I am an alcaholic! This artigo will contain some minor sex but nothing major! You are hereby warned for that!

October 21, 2011

It is Kate's 3rd birthday (19 in lobo years) and she is feeling happier than ever! I have just treated her to a nice, juicy tenderloin bife at her favorito restaraunt and...
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The seguinte morning I woke up facing Katie. With her eyes closed she looked exactly like Kate. Just like Kate she was perfectly beautiful when she slept. I inched progressivo, para a frente and kissed her on the nose, her purple eyes fluttered open, and a big smile formed on her face.
"Morning beautiful!" I said.
"Good morning Jon, that was so fun last night!"
"Yes it was," I said. We kissed again letting our tongues slide in each other's mouth. For 15 minutos or so we just lay there kissing, finally Kate began to stir and it was then I sat up. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I got out of bed. Went to the bathroom...
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Well, people, sorry for the long wait, but here's the third chapter of the Hell of Nome!!! And just like anything else, Comment If Readed!!!

Chapter 3: Taking the blow.

After Balto and Jenna walked trough the doggy door of her house, the sun had already set on the Alaskan tundra. Jenna decided to stay with her brother into her house, and she assisted to Balto to sleep at her house, too, because she was afraid that Martin would lunge an overnight attack at her. Balto couldn't stay at her house because he needed to wait for Boris to come back from his annual family visit in Russia. He said that...
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Dustin’s POV

My body features changed as I morphed into a moutain lion, Castro as well as all of the other lobos of the pack all stood in shock of what they were seeing. I stood in front of them and watched as some of the lobos started murmering to one another.

“As you can see I am a shape shifter, I can change my form into any other living creature, I can also shift into and impersonate other wolves.” I told the whole pack

"Very interesting, very interesting" said Castro as began to look around "Their! Become Sarah I would like to see you become her and kill her. She's of no use to me...
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A great video
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The whole worlds sittin` on a tickin` bomb, the whole world`s sittin` on a ticking bomb and its about to explode! andrew (me) clutched the picture of kate close to his body not wanting to forget that special yet disturbing night 2 years atrás he was sharpening his faca when he heard from behind him

"The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking that this is its last dia on earth, but I think that's a luxury not a curse. To know your in the kind of freedom. Good time to take inventory. Out gunned, out numbered, out of our minds, on a suicide mission. This is for those who have...
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Through the veil of my tears, I watched my closest friend get lowered into the cold, unforgiving ground. Although the body was wrapped in leaves, I knew far too well that the limp mass was Lexi. As I cried, Humphrey; a fun loving omega put his paw on my shoulder. "Wynter, it's ok, you did all you could. There was nothing mais you could've done. It wasn't your fault." Wasn't my fault? I looked up at him, tears rolling down my face "Then why....why does it hurt so bad"? He sighed and brought me into his chest and hugged me. As we were hugging he said "Wynter you need to try to be strong for Lexi."...
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(It's 2014. Here is the sequal of my story. Hope it's good.)

'The Last Enemy'
Day 6 09:21hrs
Task Force special ops unit

We arrived in the desserts of afegão and were hiding from a dust storm. Frost was curled up seguinte to me so the dust would pass. Luckily i brought some sand camofluge blankets for me, Frost and Lev to cover us from the dust storm. I sent a message to Sandman so he can show it to the others.

4 hours earlier

The camera was on and it was sending the footage to Sandman back at Jasper and I started to talk. "The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking that...
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after "Alpha and Omega 2" came out in October and a lotta people kept giving it 10/10 ratings (like me, i loved the sequel), i'm gonna review the original and i'm gonna tell y'all why it's my all time favorite.
"Alpha and Omega 1". So, "Alpha and Omega 1" came out in 2010, it was wrongly slammed por critics for no reason, but it did have a big fã base and that's good. Okay, so in "Alpha and Omega 1", Kate and Humphrey are 2 young wolves: Kate's the sexy, responsible Alpha girl in the pack and she kicks a lotta bunda (she's like the lobo version of Lara Croft), and she's super hot. And Humphrey's...
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Came across this video on YouTube and apparently these two Livestreamed A&O 2 with their commentary. This is just them looking into the bonus features, pretty entertaining to listen too but keep in mind they do bash it a bit.
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My First video on Sony Vegas Pro 11
A Lady e o Lobo
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