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(dont take it down, the slightest of adult references effecting sleep of other wolves)

All was quiet in jasper the exact mês after the metal festival and the sharp quick ending of humphrey and Kate's segundo honey moon. The sun rose over the valley, like a shield protecting all who dwelled within with its special burning light. Humphrey awoke from his cama seeing kate underneath his body, peacefully breathing, eyes fluttering as she dreamed. A few laughs, giggles and gafauls came out as she lye there unaware of Humphrey's wonderment as to what she was dreaming about.

Feeling great in himself humphrey wondered outside onto the "patio" like antro, den balcony sat down and took his first deep breath of the day; inhale! exhale! Humphrey stood watching his territory, being the leader of the pack was no easy task but managable with kate por his side.
Humphrey looked back round to see kate lying on her back, staring at Humphrey in a playful way.

Humphrey: "morning kate, my amor and my sunshine" he said with a smile. "i didnt mean to wake you so early"

kate: "thats ok, im glad you did, the caribou are migrating again so i need to be up ready and early." she said whilst getting quickly up and running outside onto the balcony to cadastrar-se humphrey.

kate sat down right seguinte to humphrey, their shoulders bracing each other symbolising to the lobos the unbreakable bond and amor of a commited and enduring relationship. kate rested her head on humphreys shoulder. Humphrey looked down at kate with loving, caring eyes, thinking to himself again about how lucky he was that everyhting turned out the way things did....and thats when his thoughts turned to what could of happened if things turned out different.

Humphrey could see it all, all the differences that could have been if kate said "I DO" when garth tried to marry her for the good of the packs. Humphrey could see the exact same morning, the exact same beautiful sun rise, the exact same jasper park, except this time he was alone near the river, staring longingly at his own reflection glancing round to the antro, den leader balcony yearning at kate as she sits there with garth, paw in paw. The soft wind blowing softly through the valley as peace reighned supreme. Humphrey sees himself crying endlessly into the river. Finally he can no longer face life and from the edge of the cliff the seguinte morning from the enbankment looking onto the river he takes one long angonizing howl and jumps to his raging watery death despite his family and friends cries, desperate to end it all.

Humphrey was pleased as hell this was only a dream or a vision other wise all would be as the vision had prophesised, coração break followed por a fresh selection of death choices ending with the big sleep.

Lilly (kates sister)and Garth (her alpha husband) stood exactly the same as kate and humphrey from their leaders antro, den over looking the valley as well. Both were looking onto their territory watching the morning unfold, watching the lobos wake from their slumber, watching as the water glimmered in the sun light.

Garth: "MORNIN YOU TWO!" he shouted across to kate and Humphrey.

Lilly: "is it me or is my sister seriously in need of some mais sleep than shes getting, she looks so tired" she said concerned

Garth: "yeah, well its not as though they have no clue why they are so tired, i mean the whole valley can hear them and what theyre doing at night, were all not getting much sleep but at least they like the reason why, for us its the shouting, moaning and screaming of "OH HUMPHREY MORE!" and "HOWL FOR ME BITCH"! i mean....we never do that!"

Lilly: "We should, haha, but of course, you know what would happen to you if you called me a cadela, puta right? even in the moment! i would cut off your balls with one claw and eat them later with a side of fresh amargo, amarga berries and a carribou leg for dessert."

Garth: "0-0.....really?!"

Lilly: "hahaha NO i was only joking! but seriously one thing i never want you to do is ask me to cry while doing it and to beg you to stop while you hold me down."

Garth: "(to himself) FUCK! i was looking progressivo, para a frente to that (To lilly) ok hun what ever you say."

Eve and winston (the retired pack leaders of whom parented lilly and kate) are still in bed, sleeping off some vodka, vodca a passing truck left behind, the fall on the pavement knocked the tops off and winston and eve just started drinking. hangovers are difficult to come por if its your first and especially if you are a wolf. They awoke having the best nights sleep they have had in a while due to obvious reasons.

Eve: "winston! My God what is that pounding in my head! i feel like ive been run over and just for fun the devil let me live!"

Winston: "I KNOW WOMAN! just please! dont shout! my head feels like a tent peg thats been used mais time than an asian hooker!"

Eve: " at least we had a better nights sleep than over the past two weeks"

Winston: " some of the things i hear from their den, some of the things they do make me feel sick! some of those things humphrey must be doing to my daughter!"

Eve: " OH cool it winston! we did those things ourselves, leave her to have fun, we only live once!"

Winston: "your right again i suppose!"

Eve: "is it me, or am i seeing things?"

Winston: "like what?"

Eve: "i see a pato standing at my antro, den door!"

Paddy is a english pato prone to golfing with marcel the ganso and three illegitamate porcupine triplets.

Paddy: "good morning ma'm, lovely dia isnt it.....my you two look worse than my 3rd wife (to winston) she had 3 missing tail feathers and a crooked bill, i never lived that one down."

Eve: "what do you want paddy! im hungover! and im hungry! if your not quick with your answer youll be my seguinte meal!" she growls

Paddy: "ok....sorry! (To winston) is she on her period?"

Winston: "no, shes way too middle aged for that, midlife crisis if anything, always wanting to try new things lately, she tried tying me up just yesterday morning" he wispers in secret

Eve: "WHAT WAS THAT!?" she growls

Winston: "just telling him to be quicker with his answer honey" he says trying to calm her down

Paddy: " i came to give you a weather report, the sun is beaming over jasper but i must warn you there is a thick ghostly looking fog coming in from the north, itll hit in about 4 hours time"

Winston: "another one! im too old for this shit!"

paddy: "youd better let everyone know to stay in their dens, its not the adult lobos but the pups im worried about sir, even in jasper its not seguro with a mist about, what with reported ghost sightings of dead pack members and that urso that escaped from idaho zoo yesterday i think itd be wise to warn everyone to stay inside." paddy exclaimed

Eve: "as i said im hung over, were retired so its not our job anymore, so why tell us?! tell humphrey or garth or someone else who gives a damn!" she growls as she lies back down to sleep again

paddy: "(to winston) are you sure about that period thing sir?" paddy says worringly

winston nods assuringly

Paddy: "ill go tell them now sir and ma'm, bye bye and have a nice lye in"

Paddy flew quickly over to garth and Lillies first. this was no typical morning in jasper.
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"Ares, one of us has to go and hunt, or we'll all starve! You can't make me stand here forever." Said Nabara. "I know... I just don't want them finding us. I'll go, I failed to see the plan to drive us out. If I get caught, I deserve it." Ares said. "Ares, whatever you say or do, i'm with you. I'm coming with you, and there's nothing you can do or say to stop me." Claudette told him. Ares sighed.

After leaving to go hunt, they both found a spot about ten minutos away from their little camp they made. It was a inside the border that was once Ares's territory, so they had to be extra careful....
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seguinte Theory: What happened that night after Humphrey rescued Kate from the flash flood?

After getting separated from their ride home, Kate abandons Humphrey in a fit of anger and winds up in trouble when she tries to cruz a river which had risen during a flood, so Humphrey saves her and they go find a place to sleep, but is that all that there is to be said about it?

I'm your host, and this is Inside the Story.

As is the same with the conflict between the East and the West, there is little said to try and cover this grey area. In fact, I don't know of a single story in existence that even attempts...
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Theories about Garth and Other Things

I thank all of you for your insight.

Kitsune32 brought up the possibility that he never knew his parents all that well, and I think that is a very believable theory. He could have lost them or been separated from them at a time where he barely knew who they were and had yet to bond with them. But how and when is still a mystery. What are your thoughts on this, Kitsune? I'm interested to hear what you have to say.

And LillyOmega2 corrected me in saying that Banff did not exist at the time, and I appreciate the correction. Guess I was so disappointed in the...
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Rocko felt bad he wanted to apologize to candu
feno candu I ... I'm sorry for beatin the shit out of you'' Rocko said
And I'm sorry for calling you a rapist'' candu replied
You I will kill you Rocko'' the man said
Rocko was just walking along when
A log hit him
Oh I am terribly sorry'' patty said
I can fly better than you only thing you are lucky for is that I can't eat you'' Rocko said
Daria baby'' Rocko said
Over here darling'' Daria replied subductivly
Rocko kissed daria
Daria will you marrie me'' Rocko asked
Oh...oh Rocko yes yes I will'' Daria said joyfuly

Athures note: sorry its short please comment
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Hungerly Rocko sat in a árvore with his M14 rifle
He watched his sister stalk the caribou
This is taking to long'' he said and raised his rifle
The rifle went off
Got em'' Rocko said with great pride
feno that was my kill'' Kate said with anger
You took too long'' he said historically
Morning sir'' Garth said
You don't have to call me that red'' Rocko said
So baby tonight is the moonlight howl'' Princess exclaimed
Sure I'll take you'' Rocko said
feno dad this is my boyfriend'' Katie said
Oh really feno son you see this bullet it will fly a lot faster at 9:15" Rocko said
Oh yes s...sir'' the boy said in fear
A little later Rocko began seeing numbers 1001394000231
Oh no not again Rocko puffed his cigar
Th3y a1l mu5t d1e Rocko heard in a familiar Russian voice
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música video, amor the Way You Lie por Eminem, featuring the characters of Alpha and Omega coming to DVD soon! Not as much swearing as the last video but a number of f-bombs are said.
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I saw before the release of the movie and even before the announcement of the movie, when there was going on a lot of spam and fakes about the sequel of Alpha and Omega, a post on a wikipage if I'm not mistaken, a story that looked like a fanfic ( probably another fake of Alpha and Omega 2 ).
And i remember that this fake movie story got famous for being on an Alpha and Omega wiki. Everyone believed that the story was real and it was gonna be the Alpha and Omega 2 movie.
Here's the point where I want to get : The first and only time the name "Terra" was quoted on the whole Alpha and Omega 2...
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Here is the seguinte part of my idea. Hope it's good.

Present day
21:30 hrs

We returned from the flashback and I spoke to Frost. "After the jump into to ocean we all regained conscious and were stuck in the car and couldn't get out. Truck and Nomad were trying to get West unstuck from the passenger assento that kept him tight and he wasn't able to mover at all. The only choice he did was he handed me his M9 and told me to fogo at the front window to escape from this mess. Truck refused to let it happen, but West told me to do it now."

Frost spoke. "You had no choice. You fired at the window and it flooded...
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( sorry guys about the last chapter i went overbord about that. well here it is ...... Yay) (warning very sad and you need some napkins for this) i fell better lily said .lily got up and walked through the woods she walked and then saw humphrey she gasps as she saw him she hid in the bushes humphrey was talking to himself about kate . What is he doing? She said humphrey was saying kate its been a while since we talked i wanting to ask you ......um......do you like me and i......what the? He stop as he herd something in the bushes. hello ? He said he looked at down at the arbusto, bush and saw lilys...
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As Hutch and the group headed to the town that the guy in the helicopter said it was seguro and was infection free, so now Hutch, Kate, Winston, Humphrey, and others are going to the town, Hutch noticed that Kate's belly was getting bigger each dia but he thought it was nothing and tried not to worry about it, only 10 miles to go they can see the town or at least a 500 feet tall mural around the town Hutch:" well there's the town over there" Humphrey:" or the great mural of Canada" as they start the walk again Kate felt pain coming from her stomach Kate:" OH OW OW" Hutch, Eve, Winston, Garth and...
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The Life of Cap
                    Chapter 23



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The Life of Cap            Chapter 22                Long time waiting P2 of 2

    Scene starts in western pack right after the attack on Kate, Humphrey, Garth, Lilly, and Hutch....

        “They’ve admitted to taking Carl They’ve killed three of our own and threatened us We’ll take Carl back and avenge are fallen comrades ” Kate announced as Garth did for his side. They had an uproar...
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The Life of Cap
Chapter 21
Along time waiting P1 of 2
    Scene starts in remote location...

    Kate stared at Yuri, jr. with a blank glare, Lilly glared at Garth with a scared filling in her gut. Humphrey felt as if a conflict is about to stir. Yuri chuckled a bit before he spoken “Mother isn’t this who killed my father?” Yuri turned back and nodded to Robert to bring in his mother. He brought her in and she examined Garth from her beaten...
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The Life of Cap
Chapter 20
Time for the meeting!!

Scene starts in a remote location among the central pack territory and Northern pack territory...

Yuri stood beside his two most trusted alpha’s, Kenneth; a dark-brown male, with a little whitish-pink around the belly, and brown eyes, he always has a smart-ass remark and once was a lone lobo until Yuri saw how violent he was and is always blood thirsty; and Robert; a light gray male, with a gray under belly and black around his stomach, one brown paw and one black paw, he has yellow eyes and he always obeys Yuri for special treats, especially...
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two months after the group buried Austin and the other two zombies, the group got weaker Eve is weak , Winston is about to be weak, Humphrey is limping badly but still strong , and Salty died from lack of water as for now Hutch, Garth, Kate, Lilly, Cando, and Shakey are the only fully strong ones Hutch:"hows our Water and comida supply Cando?" Cando check both Water and comida containers, Cando:" uh the water is low but we got plenty of food" Hutch:ok all we need now is to get mais water so we don't end up like Salty" Cando:" right but where do we get mais water most of the water pumps are shut...
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