Alpha and Omega 2: a howl-iday adventure Ask a character!!!!

humpherywolf34 posted on Oct 30, 2013 at 10:12PM
Hey, I know there is already one on Alpha and Omega 1 fan club. But Im not trying to steal his idea or anything but since he wasn't aroung any more I thought why not post one on here. (Not my forum post)

You guys know the idea I'll ask a few characters first then the next person who posts one answers mine and then adds their own and it continue's.

1) Humphrey here you being honest about it being effiecient living with Kate?
2) Kate how worried were you when Runt went missing?
3) Runt what did you feel living with the Rogue's at the time?
4) Stinky how did your parents really come up with you're name? And who came up with Stinky?
5) Salty why did you take Humphrey to the berry patch?
6) Shakey and Mooch where were you guys?!
7) Eve were you acting different because Humphrey was now your son in law?
8) Lilly you and Garth must live near a small rogue camp?

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over a year ago ben15delas said…
Humphrey:It's Nice living with her.
Kate:I was scared to death.