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The fans pick: Donald Trump
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SentinelPrime89 said …
I have respect for James Cameron as a filmmaker but he’s a friggin’ crybaby when it comes to comic book filmes and how they’re honestly way better than his past few movies. avatar is basically Pocahontas set in a science fiction universe and Sanctum isn’t really that good also. Best filmes he ever did was T2: Judgement dia and Aliens. Posted faz 10 horas
TimberHumphrey said …
3 days left folks! Infinity War, the movie of the year, is upon us! Posted faz 16 horas
Bobsheaux commented…
Ugh... I gotta catch up! I still haven't seen Thor 3, Spider-Man: Homecoming, or Black pantera yet! (facepalm) faz 14 horas
SentinelPrime89 commented…
You should, because Thor 3 and Black pantera are pretty important as both stories practically drop into Infinity War’s lap with their end credits scenes. faz 13 horas
TimberHumphrey said …
still having a hard time believing Avicii's dead Posted faz 1 dia