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The fans pick: Yes, definatly
Yes, definatly
If you want to, I don&# 39; t really...
The fans pick: A Lady e o Lobo
The fans pick: Cant decideyou belong but...what about alphakate21?
Cant decideyou belong...
Hell yeah! you match !
The fans pick: LilGarth
The fans pick: Alpha and omega
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SentinelPrime89 said …
I always appreciate the concept of the villain “who’s not really a villain”, but I think Tony could’ve worked out better as someone like a Darwinism extremist. Definitely would suit the role of an antagonistic lobo who is so stuck in the old ways of pack law, and Darwinists do not back down as easy as Tony did. Not even if he’s being threatened por Vicki Lewis lol Posted faz 19 horas
Kishin_Kira commented…
The Darwinist villain was the dude from Alpha and Omega 4 faz 8 horas
SentinelPrime89 commented…
True, but he was only five minutos of a 45 minuto movie. Tony was in a 90-minute feature movie with a better presence. Plus the head lobo from A&O 4 seemed to only have it out for Daria and her mother and no one else. faz 2 horas
HumphreyWolfMan said …
Weird, someone flagged a couple of my artigos as "broken content". One of them was "Human Phrases May Be Realistic". Posted faz 21 horas
Kishin_Kira commented…
You too huh? When was the artigo posted? If it was from years atrás it could be the automated system finally catching up for some reason. I genuinely think the admins abandoned this entire site because of how broken everything is. faz 20 horas
Kishin_Kira commented…
I've been flagged for shit I posted like 4 or 5 years ago. faz 20 horas
HumphreyWolfMan commented…
It was a while ago. I don't think it was removed thankfully. It would be pretty bad if it does. faz 20 horas
Kishin_Kira commented…
I think its just a broken system. Something I posted like 2 years atrás just got flagged. mais than likely this website really has been abandoned if the system isn't getting fixed. faz 9 horas
Kishin_Kira said …

Wholesome content Posted faz 1 dia
Kishin_Kira commented…
CUNTLETS faz 1 dia