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The fans pick: Chapter 16: Kate's Undying amor
Chapter 16: Kate&# 39; s Undying...
Chapter 16: The Undying Love...
The fans pick: I amor it, your doing great!
I amor it, your doing great!
I like it, but it could be...
The fans pick: Nope, it has a different storyline
I havent seen Balto so I dont...
The fans pick: Runt
The fans pick: Kate
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2 fãs answered this question
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Chidori1334 said …
got 3 chapters (prologue & 2 chapters) recorded on my voice memo on making the audio drama video on leitura the actual A&O novel Posted faz 1 dia
Chidori1334 commented…
heres alittle spoiler on what I read so far: remember Rebia & Janice? they actually got speaking roles at the scene when they were eating berries in the beginning faz 1 dia
Chidori1334 commented…
in the movie: they don’t speak they just smile faz 1 dia
KnudsonBlitz commented…
I forgot about the novel faz 1 dia
TimberHumphrey said …
Into the Spider-verse holds a perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! Posted faz 10 dias
Imagine7197 commented…
Rotten Tomatoes isnt the best fonte for ratings. faz 10 dias
SentinelPrime89 commented…
Neither is IMDB. But given that Rotten Tomatoes is almost always 100% right. faz 10 dias
HumphreyWolfMan commented…
I don't think Rotten Tomatoes is even close to being right many times. I remember some ratings are unmatching to user reviews, and even then many people can be wrong on a movie a lot. faz 9 dias
KnudsonBlitz commented…
I agree, Savvy? faz 5 dias
TheRavenMcoker said …
Anyone here a dragon ball fan? I'm really hyped about the new movie and I can't control it XD Posted faz 11 dias