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 AiW graphic novel
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Source: art por Massimiliano Narciso
scans of the first pages of the AiW graphic novel.I honestly dont recommend spending money on this book
alice no país das maravilhas
tim burton's alice in wonderland
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This alice no país das maravilhas (2010) fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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 Almost Alice will be out on March 2nd
Almost Alice will be out on March 2nd
Rather than posting all songs in the video section, I decided to write an artigo and post the links to the songs.

1- 'Alice (Underground)' por Avril Lavigne: link
2- 'The Poison' por All American Rejects: link
3- 'Technicolor Phase' por Owl City: link
4- 'Her Name is Alice' por Shinedown: link
5- 'Painting Flowers' por All Time Low: link
6- 'Where's My Angel' por Metro Station: link
7- 'Strange' por Tokio Hotel ft Kerli: link
8- 'Follow Me Down' por 3OH!3 ft Neon Hitch: link
9- 'Very Good Advice' por Robert Smith: link
10- 'In Transit' por Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz: link
11- 'Welcome to Mystery' por Plain White...
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Can be found here: link


Helena Bonham Carter: 'We're the bonkers couple'
The actor talks about life with Tim Burton, their latest spectacular, Alice in Wonderland – and being branded a 'disastrous dresser'

Helena Bonham Carter fancies a drink. So she orders a double ­espresso. And a glass of fizzy water. And an maçã, apple smoothie. She looks rather ­worried when I order just a coffee. "Is that all you want?" she asks gently. Multiple drinking, she explains, is the way to a balanced diet. She admits her theory is not based on pure science.

We are in the cafe just down the road from her north London...
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As you may have heard a film called Alice in Wonderland is to be directed por Tim burton and Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway are starring in it.
Not to mention Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee,Stephen Fry ,Matt Lucas,Mia Wasikowska,Michael Sheen, Crispin Glover and abouyt a million other A-List actor.
Its going to be in 3D ! How cool is Tim burton in 3D!!! If you hqave seen nightmare before natal in 3D you will have to say VERY!!!Oh and think of Johnny Depp in 3d!!!!Enough Said
Alice In Wonderland is one of the most beloved classic tales so it will be great to see it become all creepy.
And althoug Disey mightnt be the most creepy company it will make the movie very high budget which means it wont be short of great effects
To sum it all up with all the wonderful people involved how can it miss!!!!

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Here is a list of the cast and their characters as of May 2009.

Information from link

    Mia Wasikowska    ...     Alice

    Johnny Depp    ...     The Mad Hatter

    Michael Sheen    ...     The White Rabbit

    Anne Hathaway    ...     The White Queen

    Helena Bonham Carter    ...     The Red Queen

    Alan Rickman    ...     The Caterpillar

    Crispin Glover    ...     The Knave of Hearts

    Stephen Fry    ...     The Cheshire Cat

    Christopher Lee    ...     The Jabberwock

    Timothy Spall    ...     The Bloodhound

    Matt Lucas/David Walliams    ...     Tweedledee / Tweedledum

    Noah Taylor    ...     The March Hare

    Annalise Basso    ...     The May Pole Dancer

    Eleanor Tomlinson    ...     Fiona Chataway

    Lindsay Duncan    ...     Helen Kingsley

    Frances de la Tour    ...     Aunt Imogene

    John Hopkins    ...     Lowell Manchester

    Jemma Powell    ...     Margaret Manchester

    Tim Pigott-Smith    ...     Lord Ascot

    Geraldine James    ...     Lady Ascot

    Eleanor Gecks    ...     Faith Chataway

    Leo Bill    ...     Hamish Ascot
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