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posted by shenelopefan
Did you know...?
The meanings of the characters in Alice in Wonderland? I mean, in many cases, the characters are not just casual, Lewis Carroll was trying to had a point.
Well I have some for you...

The white rabbit

Alice finds a talking rabbit that has a watch is its waistcoat, Isn´t it the best way of represent the time and how it controls everything?

The blue caterpillar

Alice finds a blue lagarta, caterpillar that is smoking a big pipe. This represents the opium, a common drug in Victorian England.

The Chesire Cat

Isn´t it just ironic that the only sane conversation that Alice has in Wonderland is about the madness and she actually has it with a talking smiling cat that can dissapear? This represents just a irony, everybody is mad.

The Mad Hatter

He is angry with the Time, therefor it´s always five o´clock and he is drinking tea, moving from one side of the mesa, tabela to another. It represents the absurdity of social conventions. It also represents something that happened to real hatters in that time, they went crazy because they used a glue that had high mercury content. That´s why the hatter is crazy and has red hair.

The Red Queen

The queen is "Off with their heads" all the time. She represents the society of Victorian England. She claims for the veredict before going to a trial.

The White Queen

She is a joke to the society too. She speaks to trees and in the book she chases a piece of her clothes for a hill, we can say then, that she does anythig except watchig for her kingdom. In Victorian England, when the high society was having big parties and wasting a lot of money, the people was starving to death.

The red cards and the chess pieces

We see that all the soldiers were part of games. It represents how the army was managed like if they didn´t have moths to talk. Anothe irony of Lewis Carroll.

The dormouse

In the book, the dormouse loves sugar and it´s always falling asleep in the middle of her speachs. It represents another drug, an extrac from opiums that had similar results. Another common drug in Victorian England.


She represents children. In the book, (and a little in the movie) she wants to talk, nobody listen at her, she aks, nobody aswer. There´s a phrase in the movie that shows it very well: "From the moment I fell down the rabbit hole I´ve been told what I must be and who I must be. I´ve been shrukn, streched, scrached and stuffed into a teapot. I´ve been acused of being Alice and of not being Alice, but this is my dream. I´ll decide where it goes from here." In other words, she represents the ignored children who are in pain.

So, as we can see, Wonderland characters are not just random. They have a point and a meaning. So I hope you liked this article, I wrote it myself...
Thanks you
The clip shown at the Alice in Wonderland fã Event last night (Febuary 19th). And also shown on Helena Bonham Carter's interview with Craig Ferguson.
I thought this was brilliant!!!
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