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Bella: “Whatever you’re thinking, Alice, I doubt I’m that free.”
Alice: “Free is free, right?”
Bella: “I’m sure I still have boundaries — like the continental U.S., for example.”
Angela and Ben laughed, but Alice grimaced in real disappointment. – pg 38

Alice’s expression was something I recognized — an expression that sent an automatic shock of panic through my body. The vacant look in her eyes told me that she was seeing something very different from the mundane lunchroom scene that surrounded us, but something every bit as real in its own way. Something that was coming,...
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Benjamin stood beside me. He looked confident. The confidence in his cocky smile seem to radiate off him and not to soon after, I was smiling.
"You ready for this?"
"I am" As much as I didn't want it. I knew that a fight would start.
The wind rustled the leaves, making the only noise around us. We stood their unsure what was happening, we were ready for anything . Whatever anything was.
We waited silently and Aro's coven started to get restless. We watched them shift and mover but I knew what they were doing. There scene was just a decoy to get the message 'attack' to every follower. Quickly...
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Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure, if I knew you were missing me too..

"I feel the Half of Me Missing when You're Not Around.. I Miss you with every Breathe.. You mean the World to Me.. or May be even More..." Jake whispered in My Ears on the Phone & a shiver ran down through My Spine

I've been floating these days in the Air. I feel hideous 'cause I can't Help Smiling and So I feel an Urge to Hide My After-All-She-is-Insane Expressions. My Heartbeats weren't Normal these Days and so was My Body Temperature. My Nights were Sleepless..

"I Miss you too" I sighed

"I hope to see...
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