to be honest, I don`t understand why everyone thinks ashley is the perfect alice. yes ashley is very beautiful and she is amazing but she doesn`t look like alice.
1. alice is very short, ashley is normal height (I don`t want a actress who is just 4`10, but I want a short actress)
2. alice is thin in the extreme, yes ashley is slender and has a dreambody but she isn`t thin in the extreme (Rosalie is the one with the totally dreambody)
3. ashley as alice has brown hair, in the books is alice hair deep black
4. ashley has a face of a pixie, ok ashley has a beautiful face but she doesn`t look like a pixie
5. yes ashley is bubbly but to be honest sometimes I think this is a fake, in some pics she looks like a typical mean girl, sorry (for example look at the eclipse promo pics she looks arrogant)

for me is still rachael leigh cook the perfect alice she is short, very thin, has a face of an angel/pixie and I bet she can play a bubbly character.

she looks like the fã waste her time and she is someone better.

and she looks like she haven`t time, but she looks cute und friendly.