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Recommended for 16+  santa6168 2609 253628 over a year ago
Jag är bilvet glad för du spela Sverige antro, den 11 Februari,  sjabn008 0 1469 over a year ago
What country would you choose?  Aaaandra 34 4191 over a year ago
Which languages do you speak?  vioLinistqirL 115 19349 over a year ago
Is this page still alive? Where are you Alexander fans?!  Myhighway 1 3009 over a year ago
have you sent him a letter?  beckkyy 21 2918 over a year ago
fórum of Alexander Rybak's fãs - Форум поклонников Александра Рыбака  AlexViean 0 2000 over a year ago
Alex's Bulge Spot! :D  Helene17Norway 258 159441 over a year ago
Dreaming about Alex...  jana-neso 34 3910 over a year ago
"Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament" (Part 9)  kikisan 0 1562 over a year ago
"Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament" (Part 8)  kikisan 0 1133 over a year ago
A Teen Fairytale (part 5)  CrazyForRybak 4 2321 over a year ago
Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament (Part 7)  kikisan 0 1370 over a year ago
Russian artigo (SHOCK!!!)  napecks 5 6599 over a year ago
"Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament" (Part 6)  kikisan 0 1595 over a year ago
"Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament" (Part 5)  kikisan 0 1339 over a year ago
A Teen Fairytale (part 4)  CrazyForRybak 2 1710 over a year ago
Eric Potter and the Melodihogwarts Tournament (Part IV)  kikisan 8 2766 over a year ago
A Teen Fairytale (part 3)  CrazyForRybak 3 1531 over a year ago
A Teen Fairytale (part 2)  CrazyForRybak 5 1790 over a year ago
What's the craziest thing you would ask Alex?  masici 18 2703 over a year ago
Is a new Album por him happening??  rebecca19 9 3319 over a year ago
A Teen Fairytale (part 1)  CrazyForRybak 13 3586 over a year ago
alex and his chesthair  Helene17Norway 37 22126 over a year ago
Hello Fanpop! :)  CrazyForRybak 4 1364 over a year ago
How long are you fã of Alex?  jana-neso 39 7086 over a year ago
snog, marry, avoid game- who would you choose ?  rebecca19 0 796 over a year ago
Official Spot Look Change (OPEN)  Idunn 13 2764 over a year ago
Alexander Rybak lyrics tattoo ( help me )  Helene17Norway 7 4381 over a year ago
What Alex song are you today?  Vestulka 62 5081 over a year ago
what would be your idea of a good night out/date with alex  rebecca19 5 2242 over a year ago
Are Alex and Maria dating?  Tianalove 177 24705 over a year ago
how to watch Alexander Rybak online?  mortin_jacob 0 932 over a year ago
Alex lost his sparkle nowadays  rebecca19 33 5429 over a year ago
WORD GAME !  Helene17Norway 46 3185 over a year ago
Maria Strøm Slyngstad  Lucija-Lucy 8 20776 over a year ago
Is he with Maria, Malin or both?  angel277 22 7783 over a year ago
Where to download Alex's HD video clip ?  smallwolf 5 2572 over a year ago
Back in Norway?  ajsa 0 1598 over a year ago
You know you're norwegian when...  Helene17Norway 28 4388 over a year ago
Members who have left this club  Helene17Norway 90 6110 over a year ago
Alex's Picture Contest  Emmanouela96 161 22791 over a year ago
Alex in Belgium !!  Alexander_Rybak 52 3664 over a year ago
You think, Alex is well-dressed or not.....  aisa07 119 10626 over a year ago
Are you already disappointeds  ajsa 20 4808 over a year ago
LOOK! Book about Alex written por idiots!  MizzMuffin 14 4524 over a year ago
a Joke or not?  aisa07 27 4594 over a year ago
If you met Alex and he offered to do one thing for you, what would it be?  rebecca19 8 2442 over a year ago
Believe you , that Alex buys an engagement ring?  ajsa 57 8133 over a year ago
Alexander had a gaysir?  Helene17Norway 11 2132 over a year ago
I lol'd wen i found out alex has a ....  jawjee 95 11283 over a year ago
Alexander Rybak is coming to Miami Nov. 13 2010!!!  miamifan 4 1265 over a year ago
Does he have a girlfriend?  Tianalove 16 3383 over a year ago
He got a girlfriend!  LovesRybak 156 13499 over a year ago
LISTEN TO THIS VOICE! :)  MalliePe 4 730 over a year ago
What`s the name of the song?  Tianalove 3 842 over a year ago
Moa  clubery 16 8060 over a year ago
Moa, we miss u <3  Tianalove 20 2991 over a year ago
Alexander Rybak fórum  nightcruiserx 4 2833 over a year ago
I have a pergunta  nana_alex4ever 21 2809 over a year ago
Here is Alexanders new girlfriend!!!  heisdahl 117 31039 over a year ago
Plagiarism??  misssu 15 3949 over a year ago
Only for Alex's greek fans...  Emmanouela96 1 1274 over a year ago
Alexander Rybak - No Boundaries LYRICS  FaiiRyTaLe 2 1087 over a year ago
"No Boundaries"lyrcis  clubery 2 2075 over a year ago
playboy model fell for Alexander Rybak  ReA7 26 7319 over a year ago
......  nana_alex4ever 2 798 over a year ago
the article...  rybak-eleana 18 2174 over a year ago
ALEX HAS A NEW SONG!! :D  jawjee 0 771 over a year ago
Eurovision 2010  clubery 42 4038 over a year ago
Alexander do not have a girlfriend..  AishaGirl 7 1555 over a year ago
is he coming to the UK?  beckkyy 6 1043 over a year ago
IMPORTANt  StamatiaTia 3 835 over a year ago
alexander's ex- girlfriend  secretelement 57 25861 over a year ago
Alexander Rybak - Fairytale The Movie  vichen 17 3908 over a year ago
HE'S COMING TO BOSNIA!!!!!  jana-neso 6 952 over a year ago
Some pictures...  Fift33n 5 917 over a year ago
What was your impression of Alexander Rybak?  Fift33n 8 1261 over a year ago
Alexanders new girlfriend?  Helene17Norway 58 29261 over a year ago
IMPORTAN GIRLS...  irena_rybak 4 1137 over a year ago
Stamatia  aisa07 23 2368 over a year ago
Alex in Estonia 08.03.10 interwiev trantslate  clubery 23 2633 over a year ago
"Rybak broke down - beating himself bloody"  Fift33n 17 7382 over a year ago
oi my fellow Rybak lovers!  Helene17Norway 3 1002 over a year ago
Why do you amor Alex? :)  janailb 4 1178 over a year ago
Kiss?  ALExXxRybakFaNn 7 3627 over a year ago
alexander has a girlfriend  meleti 76 6516 over a year ago
alexander is sweety  rybak-eleana 16 1293 over a year ago
just thinking...  alexandra_ 6 1505 over a year ago
IMPORTANT  Helene17Norway 0 1346 over a year ago
What do you think about ?  Margelutza 14 3025 over a year ago
Alexander er forelsket  rybak-eleana 5 1197 over a year ago
fã WEEKEND with Alex  Fift33n 30 3022 over a year ago
Alex is not single anymore!  MildaViolin 137 11676 over a year ago
...  alexandra_ 13 1225 over a year ago
Alex paid 25000 Nok for gifts from his fãs  Helene17Norway 9 1269 over a year ago
Dutch fórum  Alexander_Rybak 0 824 over a year ago
What is going on w/ Alex ????  Screamer45 13 1856 over a year ago
Alex might get to meet Obama  Helene17Norway 6 857 over a year ago
alexander Rybak Swedish girlfriend  Helene17Norway 56 8459 over a year ago