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"Do you think they are born like that?" I asked Janet, my pretty brunette best friend.

"Oh god Kris." She mumbled.

I kicked a rock with my hot rosa, -de-rosa low topo, início and almost fell as I did so. "Well I was just wondering. No need to be mean."

She sighed at me, and kicked a can. It turned into a game of mini soccer. "No." She told me. "They are not born like that."

I kicked the can at her. "Are you sure? Because they always have fros."

She laughed at me and kicked it back. It was Dr. Pepper. My favorite. "Yes. They are just cut that way because itscomfortable for them."

I wrinkled my nose "That's dumb." I...
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"Batman all the way." I said with a yawn.

Janet shook her head. "How can you say that? super-homem all the way."


The light coming from the moon outside the window hit us directly as we laid on my bedroom floor. Beds are for squares. It was already three in the morning and we were in our sleeping bags ready for bed. Of course we had to debate something before we went to bed. And tonight was the ever so popular batman Vs. Superman.

"He's so much hotter the Batman. And he's not part bat." Janet said matter-of-factly. "And bats are gross."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah right. At least Batman's a real...
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I woke up to my phone ringing loudly from my night stand. I sat up with my eyes still closed and felt around for my phone.

"Hello?" I asked with a yawn.

"Oh my god! You will never believe what happened!" Janet screamed into my ear.

"What time is it?" I didn't care about what she had to say. I'm clearly not a morning person.

She ignored me. "Mike Twinderstaff died!"

"Who's Mike Twinderstaff?"

She laughed. "I have no idea."

I sighed. "Then why do you care if he died?"

"I don't" She said simply. "I just thought Twinderstaff was a funny last name."

I slowly got out of cama and looked at the clock. It was...
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Life was finally getting back to normal. Tuesday my mother came início from her business trip and took just me and Tanner to the movies. Wednesday Janet and Patty came over. Thursday Tanner and I went to Franky's. Friday morning was normal, so was the day. The night, not so much.

Janet couldn't sleep over so she was going to Saturday. My mom was away again. And Blair and Tanner were in the living room.

Lightning lit up my room and I shrieked. Thunder cracked in the sky just a few segundos after. I held onto my travesseiro and shrieked again when I heard another crack of thunder.
Me and lightning storms...
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I was speechless. Looking from Blair's hand intertwined with my own I slowly let my other hand drop from his cheek.
"Well?" Tanner asked. He crossed his arms across his chest and tapped his foot.
Finally regaining my ability to think I pushed Blair away from me. He stumbled back and fell into a chair as if he was made of lead. We stared at each other still speechless.
"Are you going to say something or just stare deeply into each others eyes." Tanner snapped. He was clearly upset.
After opening and closing my mouth for a few seconds, trying to regain my speaking ability, I finally talked. "This...
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"Did you see himtoday during study hall?" Patty Harris, my segundo best friend, asked from my left.

Janet, who was sitting across from me, sighed. "So. Hot."

We were in the cafeteria Monday morning waiting for Tanner, Blair, Franky, and some of Tanner's other friends to come to our table. Just like most days they were all late.

I rolled my eyes. "No. He's not."

Patty laughed. "You have to be blind to not see his hotness."

Of course we were talking about Blair. It seems that whenever Patty and Janet are together that's all the think about. Blair this. Blair that. Blair, Blair, Blair.

"Can we talk...
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Honestly, I never felt bad about hurting Blair's feelings before. I also never saw him look so upset because of something I said about him before.
But I did feel bad, and he did look upset.

I had muted the TV so I could think. I watched as sponge bob as heflipped his krabby patties and I sighed.

I bet he didn't have so much drama in his life. That lucky, lucky, sponge.

For some reason Tanner wasn't início yet. We both left to school at the same time, and we normally walk at the same pase. He was talking to Blair and I had gotten tired of him glaring at me so I walked ahead. But not that far.

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I gave up struggling about five minutos ago. Blair was still laying on me. His grip lightened but I knew he would get me in a death hold if I tried to move. His breathing was steady and deep. He was probably sleeping. And I was stuck under him for god knows how long.

"Where do you think they went?" Tanner asked Janet as they walked down the stairs.

"The cozinha light is on." Janet observed.

"It's quiet..." Tanner stated.

Way to point out the obvious. I looked down at Blair. His eyes were closed and he looked so peaceful.

"Do you think he killed her?" Tanner asked Janet.

"Maybe their, like, making...
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"Oh my god Janet! What does that look like to you?!" I yelled loudly.

Did I forget to mention I get a little... competitive when it comes to this game.

"A bowling ball?"

"There are no holes idiot! How is that a bowling ball!?"

Blair was laughing uncontrollably at me and Tanner was shaking his head.

"Um... is it a... bowl?" Janet asked nervously.

"Times up!" Tanner declared.

"ITS THE SUN!" I yelled at Janet. "How stupid can you be?!" I got up from my spot on the floor and pointed out the window. "You've never seen the sun before? Is that it?! A blind person is better at this game!"

I continued yelling...
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