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Name THE one thing that you like from Alan  popo6 12 3446 over a year ago
Do I look like Alan Rickman?  rstoronto 0 1467 over a year ago
Portrait - up for auction  vixhuntartist 0 2324 over a year ago
6 Degrees to Alan Rickman Game  HuddyJoy0524 199 19511 over a year ago
Snow Cake  JAlanaE 5 3261 over a year ago
Have you faced any disparaging remarks about your appreciation of Alan Rickman?  karenmiller1972 7 3367 over a year ago
Alan Rickman Song!!  popo6 5 2809 over a year ago
Are there any Dark Harbor fãs here?  JAlanaE 4 2446 over a year ago
Why do you are a fan???  alanRickmanIAc 28 4104 over a year ago
What character would you like Alan to play?  Kraucik83 5 3964 over a year ago
favorito pics and filmes - recommends for me, please!  karenmiller1972 6 6977 over a year ago
Alan Rickmann Time Game xD  popo6 73 7774 over a year ago
The Alan Rickman Alphabet Game  spirited_away 56 8370 over a year ago
Countdown to 4000 fans!!!  lilyZ 225 12204 over a year ago
What would you say to Alan?  waimea 19 2792 over a year ago
Where is Alan now?  karenmiller1972 0 1159 over a year ago
***Alan Rickman Characters Elimination Game***  Kraucik83 360 12720 over a year ago
Snape needs your help! Vote Snape now!  NamkcirNala 0 1232 over a year ago
Vote Snape! He's starting to fall to Dobby!  NamkcirNala 0 1505 over a year ago
John Gabriel Borkman  JGBorkman 0 1410 over a year ago
Im new here... and im CRAZY about Rickman!!!!!  Tink_vrcefan 6 1658 over a year ago
Alan Rickman fã OF THE MONTH: December  Kraucik83 10 3575 over a year ago
Countdown to 1500 fãs  lilyZ 93 4631 over a year ago
This is Just a Presentation of My Nee Group  BrosnanWoman 0 851 over a year ago
Countdown to 1000 fãs  lilyZ 162 5284 over a year ago
Where are you???  Tink_vrcefan 7 812 over a year ago
PR: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince soundtrack  cinemedia 1 620 over a year ago
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Fandango offer.  cinemedia 0 828 over a year ago
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Fandango offer.  cinemedia 0 630 over a year ago
Sweeney Todd DVD Specials  wizardgirlCL 1 803 over a year ago