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kittygurl said …
What are the chances of Harupii coming back as soon as the 48 girls leave for Korea?
It's been over a ano I hope she does come back soon. Posted faz 1 dia
-Miyuki said …
Yamamoto Sayaka:
•NMB48 Ace
•Centered akb48 most iconic B-side
•The most liked and popular 48 member
•Solo career
•Triple threat (singing,dancing,visuals)
•Never had a scandal

How do you expect people not to be salty about her not being included in her last AKB single that's such shit. Posted faz 17 dias
NagisaNoCherry commented…
She was upset on Twitter because they only had 1 NMB girl in this single too faz 14 dias
NagisaNoCherry said …
Shame on you AKS. Sayanee deserves better. Tomu deserves better. Akarin deserves better. NMB as a whole deserves better. Posted faz 21 dias