Akame ga Kill! Which teigu would you like to have?

Pick one:
Murasame (Akame's teigu)
Demon Armour: Incursio (Tatsumi/Braht's teigu)
Gaea Foundation (Chelsea's teigu)
Soaring for Thousands of Miles: Mastema (Ran's teigu)
Roman Artillery: abóbora (Mein's teigu)
Infinite Uses: cruz Tail (Lubbock's Teigu)
Added by MaddieChan
Cutter of Creation: Extase (sheele's teigu)
Added by nekogirl100
March of the Dead: Yatsufusa (Kurome's Teigu)
Added by valeriocosta
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 Akira_Mie posted over a year ago
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