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This hora de aventura com finn e jake fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

posted by True-Finn-Fan
it was crafted por a low level Blacksmith with high level dreams. he it was his first sword he had made as a full time Blacksmith and not just an Apprentice. he crafted it to be sold to a high end adventurer in hopes of getting his name heard around town as a great sword maker. the merchant had already payed for it but money was not his primary concern... he wanted fame as a legendary Blacksmith, but the adventurer never came and he was stuck with it...

years past...
he was tired after a dia of creating new swords and armor and decided to go through his old sword scrap pile... most of them had...
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posted by emerald_32
Couldn't resist composição literária another story, especially after listening to "Melt" [by Hatsune Miku] for like, the 20th time.
I said my laptop was broken. But FINALLY, my mom let me use hers. So don't think of me like I was lying there, because I wasn't.
I'm using Fubblegum for this story, because FinnAme didn't seem to fit it. I'm planning also to make a FinnOnna or FinnCeline story in the future.

Finn woke in the morning. Before even rising from his mattress, there was one person in his mind. No, it wasn't Jake. No, it wasn't Marceline.

But Princess Bubblegum....
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