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Ever since Adventure Time Season 3, Episode 9 aka “Fionna and Cake” came out, many avid Adventure Time watchers went wild making genderbent versions of characters that weren’t introduced yet, and it even gave hope to Fionna X whoever-they-ship-her-with shippers. But I suppose that can’t be an odd thing for a fã to do—what’s odd is that now some are saying they like Fionna and Cake better than the originals (kinda like me), while some are suggesting they get their own show altogether (okay, now that’s NOT me). But while many are into the gender-bender craze (wow, just one episode...
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Pancake Batter


Frying Pan

Step 1.) Cook bacon, toucinho thoroughly, after you are finished set aside to cool.

Step 2.) Take panckae batter (as much as you like, it depends on how hungry you are) and mix with water.

Step 3.) After bacon, toucinho is cool enough not to burn your fingers chop into small bits (or big depends on what you like).

Step 4.) Sprinkle bacon, toucinho bits into pancake mix, stir, then pour into pan (size depends on hungry you are).

AND REMEMBER! Don't forget to sing the song while you cook!

bacon, toucinho pancakes, makin' bacon, toucinho pancakes

Take some bacon, toucinho and I'll put it in a pancake

bacon, toucinho pancakes, that's what it's gonna make

bacon, toucinho pancake!
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