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The things they do to help raise money to support the organisation to keep it running:

4.parachuting........? wow. donations
6. etc, etc, etc........

And now you can do something to help the charity to raise money to keep it going and to keep helping the elderly who have been abused!!!

Here are some things that you might like to do in order to raise the money: #Lets sing our ABC!#

A…Abseil, Auction of promises, Art exhibition

B…Bingo, Bungee jump, celeiro Dance

C…Carol singing, Car washing, Car boot sale

D…Dinner dance, Dog walking, Disco

E…Expert seminar, Easter...
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Action on Elder Abuse is a charity aiming towards helping the elderly to sort out their problem and erase their minds of all the abuse that they have been through in order to bring peace for the rest of their life. mais elderly people will then have someone to talk to about their worries and they will have relief after being told that there is someone there to support them.

This caring, cooperative organisation is something to look progressivo, para a frente to in helping, for it will make many other people's live much mais at ease once the public knows that their safety will be increased once this charity boosts up their company name.

Therefore, we should support the organisation por talking mais about it and feeding back about how the company can improve their organisation in order to "up" what they are doing.
posted by cursed_cherub
In my opinion, I think that elder abuse should stop, for it is hurtful to see so many elderly suffer the pain in which they are given in their day-to-day life. Nobody should have this sort of treatment, whoever they are. That is why Action on Elder Abuse was brought up, to stop this sort of crime from happening.

I amor the Action on Elder Abuse programme, for it helps to communicate with the elderly who needs someone to talk to. This gives them some support so that they feel safer while they are on the streets.