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The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: He's just being fun and living life to the fullest
The fans pick: with a camisa
with a camisa
The fans pick: They make such a cute couple!
The fans pick: With Hair!
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big smile
kendallgirl4 said …
link heres my club for aang if you wanna cadastrar-se Posted over a year ago
big smile
Misty-Kataang said …
I'm a huge fã of Aang. I actually think differently than a lot of avatar fans. In my perspective, I like Aang a whole lot mais than Zuko. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Kataanger. I hold great respect for Aang. I mean, Zuko's O.K and all, but Aang wins por a landslide in my opinion. It's always Zuko this and Zuko that. Aang's one of my favorito characters of all time! Posted over a year ago
PrettyBender said …
I don't really like Aang all that much but when him and Zuko went to the Sun Warriors and they acted as if they were brothers it made it really hard to hate Aang, So I kinda like him, Well as long he stopped hitting on Katara he's fine in my book :) Posted over a year ago
katniss19 commented…
how.could.yoj hate aang? over a year ago
PrettyBender commented…
he's annoying and hits on Katara... over a year ago
Loki13 commented…
lol over a year ago
MaiEska commented…
Hitting on Katara? Aang and Katara has 3 kids lol so yea...and Zutara will never be over a year ago