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If you’ve seen Hot Chelle Rae or One Direction in concert, then you have probably already seen Australian pop rock band 5 segundos of Summer perform live. This up-and-coming boy band released their She Looks So Perfect EP in March of 2014, which ended up debuting in the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200 charts, right behind the soundtrack for Frozen!

Here are some reasons why we think you’ll soon be swooning over the guys from 5 segundos of Summer (Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin) - if you aren’t already, that is.

1. They have some pretty interesting musical influences

It’s fitting that the boys have opened for a band like Hot Chelle Rae because their musical influences fit right in with that style of music. The boys cite such bands as Blink-182, Mayday Parade, and Boys Like Girls as some of the artists who have had a significant effect on their music.

2. They’re close with each other

According to Michael, who plays violão, guitarra for the band and also provides some of the vocal work, the band would be called “Bromance” if they didn’t already have their name as a celebration of their friendship. They’ve even said they “can’t live without” one another. (Interesting side-note: Michael has also been referred to as being the “sassiest” member of the group.)

The band! (credit: Luke's Instagram feed)

3. They could save you during a zombie attack - well, at least Michael could

The group agrees that Michael is the one you would want to stick por during a zombie attack because he’s the “ultimate gamer,” meaning that he would know exactly what to do. Bad news if you’re a Luke fan, though - baterista Ashton has said that he would expect Luke to die first during an undead outbreak. What the heck, Michael, you wouldn’t use your expert survival skills to save your buddy and the lead singer of your band? Tsk tsk.

4. They amor animais - especially dogs

Both Luke and Ashton have dogs. Luke’s dog’s name is Molly, while Ashton’s dog is named Indie.

Ahston with his cachorro, filhote de cachorro (credit: Ashton's Twitter feed)

5. Calum does most of the composição literária for the group

baixo violão, guitarra player Calum is said to be the one who writes the most songs out of everyone else in the group. So if there’s one song in particular that really touches your coração with its lyrics, you may just be a Calum fã deep down without even knowing it. You can always check the liner notes on the album to see who has written which songs.

(credit: Callum's Instagram feed)

6. They’re pretty successful for a band that’s just starting out

When tickets go on sale for 5 segundos of Summer, websites tend to crash from the amount of fãs who are scrambling to get their seats. The band’s first single, “Out of My Limit,” garnered over 100,000 views within the first 24 hours of its being posted to YouTube, and it is now up to about 3.5 million views at the time of this printing.

7. They appreciate their fans

This one’s a biggie and a must-have for every artist. The biggest turn-off is when a band doesn’t appreciate their fans. The guys of 5 segundos of Summer have said that the best part of being in the band is the chance to meet their fans. Sure, some bands may say that to pay lip service to their fãs and keep them buying their albums, but you can see in several vídeos on YouTube the amount of time these guys spend with their fans, hugging, taking pictures, and signing autographs.

8. Michael and Calum’s first show, concerto was their own

We can practically hear the “awwws” now. Michael and Calum had never been to a show, concerto before they started putting on their own shows as a band. Does opening for a band and then watching that band perform after you count toward your total number of concerts? If so, then that number is probably going to change for these boys pretty soon.

9. The guys of One Direction are big fãs too!

One mais reason to justify your already cemented amor for One Direction: Louis and Niall both tweeted 5 segundos of Summer’s música to their many fans, which helped to increase the latter’s no geral, global popularity on social media.

If One Direction amor 'em, why wouldn't you?

10. They're the opening act for One Direction's new tour

5SOS will be opening for One Direction's 2014 North American Tour "Where We Are" which starts in Toronto on August 1st! If you're lucky enough to get tickets you get to see two amazing bands for the price of one.

(credit: Luke's Instagram feed)

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